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Winners of the LTS Grail Award

The Winners Lists of Luuk's Travel Site (LTS) Grail Award have been split up. The program has changed on June 10, 2002. Before that date, there were 4 varieties of the award: Merit, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The sites of the winners of those awards are worth visiting and I recommend clicking the "Winners before 10-6-02" button! The winners of my new, standalone LTS Grail Award will be viewable on the new winners lists, shown per year. Please click the 'Year" buttons! It is also recommended to read the note below on revisiting winning sites.


Winners before June 10, 2002
Winners 2002/2003
Winners 2004
Winners 2005
Winners 2006
Winners 2007
Winners 2008Winners 2009
Winners 2010
Winners 2011Winners 2012

Please note: all awarded sites will be visited at regular intervals. If these sites show items at that visit, that would disqualify the site when evaluated at that moment, following the criteria of the time the site was awarded, the site owner will be asked to correct these items within a week. If the corrections are not effected within that time, the award will be evoked and any mention of the site will be removed from the winners list. The siteowner will be asked to remove the award from the site. He/she will be able to re-apply after 60 days after the evoking. If the site no longer exists, the link to that site will be removed. If there is a good reason for the disappearance of the site, it is up to the winner of my award to contact me and explain the circumstances. It may be necessary to re-evaluate a new site in such a case. Otherwise, the winners will remain on the list without a link.


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