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Scoring System

The evaluation of a site with the purpose of awarding it is scored in the way shown below. The site must gain at least 90 points to win the award.

Basic Functions. 20 Points

  1. Broken external links. 0 - 8 Points. There should not be more than 5 broken external links in a site. We check your site with the program Xenu. If the site shows more than 5 external broken links, 1 point is deducted per link with a maximum of 8 points.

  2. Alt tags. 0 - 6 Points. All graphics used in the site must be provided with alt tags with a short description and width and height dimensions. If there are missing alt tags in the site, 1 point will be deducted per graphic with a maximum of 6 points.

  3. Top buttons. 0 - 6 Points. All pages within the site that are longer than the visible screen display must have a facility to go back to the top of the page. If the page is longer than 3 clicks on the side scroll bar, "top" facilities must be provided at intervals of the page as an extra to the top button at the bottom of the page. If "Top" buttons or links are missing, 1 point will be deducted for each page with a maximum of 6 points.

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First impression. 10 Points

  1. Welcoming page shows what site is about? 0 - 5 Points.

  2. First reaction. 0 - 5 Points: This is very much the interpretation of the evaluator. Is he impressed with the welcoming page and does he want to see the rest of the site?

Load time. 5 Points

  1. Load times. 0 - 5 Points.: I have to measure it somehow. I use ADSL-broadband, which is fast. If a page loads slowly (between 15 seconds and 1 minute), I will check at another day and time. If the loading is slow again, I will deduct some points, with a maximum of 5 points, depending on the time I have to wait. If the page needs over a minute to load, the disqualification rule becomes operational.

Ease of navigation. 15 Points.

  1. Navigation consistent throughout. 0 - 5 Points: Is the navigational flow well worked out and the navigation consistent throughout the site?

  2. Menu. 0 - 8 Points: Is it possible to go to every page in the site within two clicks from the page I am on without having to go back to the welcoming page?

  3. Contact. 0 - 2 Points: Is it possible to find a link to contact the webmaster easily on each page?.

Separate section for awards. 10 Points

  1. Laudations. 0 - 5 Points. Are laudations shown? The date you received the award is shown?.

  2. Presentation of awards. 0 - 5 Points. Are the won awards well presented, nicely spaced?

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Spelling-grammar. 5 Points

  1. Spelling and grammar mistakes. If the native language of the webmaster is English, 1 error per page is allowed. If the native language of the webmaster is not English, 2 errors are permitted. If more errors are found, 1 point is deducted per error with a maximum of 5 points.

Design - Layout. 20 Points

  1. Pleasing to the eye. 0 - 5 Points. This item is very much the interpretation of the evaluator. It is influenced by colors, animations and graphics having a relation to the subject of the page.

  2. Large gaps, empty spaces. 0 - 4 Points. If there are empty spaces or large gaps with nothing on it, due to wrong design, 1 point will be deducted per case, with a maximum of 5 points.

  3. Font size, colors. 0 - 4 Points. If the size of fonts used is too big or to small, or if the colors are chosen in such a way, that they become unreadable against the background, points will be deducted with a maximum of 5 points.

  4. Design and colors consistent throughout the site? 0 - 5 Points. The design and the colors of the site should be consistent throughout. If not, points will be deducted to a maximum of 5 points.

  5. Is there a site map? If so, two extra points will be given.

Content. 20 Points

  1. The content of the site is very important for our award. The site should show a main subject which is well worked out and well written. Can we learn from it, can we use it, is it interesting. Are the graphics used related to the content of the page? All of this is up to the interpretation of the evaluator.

We will never go into discussion on the final decision to award the site or not, nor on the scoring system used


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