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Privacy Statement

Protecting Your Information

This site has only legal content. While visiting Luuk's Travel Site, your privacy will be respected in all ways and any information which we gather with the purpose of awarding a submitted site will not be used in any other way, but for that purpose only. We will not sell, trade, transmit in any manner, or otherwise divulge your information to anyone or any institution, unless required to do so by law and in that case within a week of the application date for our awards, as all info will be deleted after that. All information gathered will thus be kept confidential. If other evaluators assist me in evaluating submitted sites, the necessary information will be transmitted to them, but they will be working under and bound by the same privacy statements hereby published. If the applicant explicitly wishes so, the URL of an awarded site will not be added to the winners list. If no such advise is given at the time of submittal, the site's URL, with a short description of the site will be added to the winners list. No further information will be disclosed.
Please understand that I am not responsible for the way my statistics provider is using your information. Some use the information to gather statistical information about you. I am not in the picture of the extend of these practises. I only know they exist. To protect you I have discontinued my guestbook and do no longer use counters.
This site will also adhere to the European (EU) directive 95/46. on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data

Providing Visitors with Anonymous Access

The access to Luuk's Travel Site is completely free and anonymous. All pages, except where one has to enter -voluntarily- any personal information, like the submittal form for my awards, will be completely free to visit without disclosing any private information.

Children's Privacy

As stated in the Criteria for my award, we will not collect information from children under the age of 18 knowingly, unless this information is specifically given by the parent and only for the purpose of awarding the child's site('s), and in that case all other privacy statements and criteria will apply. This in accordance with the COPPA rules. Please understand that I am aware that the COPPA ruling sets the age of children at 13. However, to comply with certain rating institutions, and the European (EU) directive 95/46. on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, I have set this age at 18. I am also aware that the COPPA rules are valid for the USA only. But as they are in agreement with my own views on the matter, I adhere to them. Please also take the time to read what I said about this subject in my Application Procedure.

Personal data we may hold about you.

When requested by the applicant of an award, we will provide all information gathered from this person or site and will change any information if so requested, within a week from the application date, upon proof of identity only. If so requested, we will remove all information from our site, but please remember, that such a request includes the removal of the link to the site that won my award in the winners list.


I no longer use a guestbook, as I believe that the information there is used in a wrong way by the institution that hosts the program. I will not be responsible for that. Therefore I decided that I had to remove it from my site. Anybody feeling obliged to enter a statement, that would otherwise go into the guestbook, please feel free to send me an e-mail!


This site does not use cookies in any form nor places them on your site knowingly. However, I have no control on cookies placed by statistical counters. Please understand that they may place a cookie on your computer without my knowledge. I have, however, no doubt in my mind that they do not steal private info about you, but only collect URL, location, date and time of your visit and use these only to produce a statistical report for my benifit only.

Privacy Support

If you have any questions about our privacy statement, please contact:


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