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Memberships and Ratings

World Top Award, Program has closed down
award sites level 5.0
AwardSites! Exemplary Hall Honoree
AWARD rating 6.0
AwardSites! 10 Plus Years Distinguished Rating.The LTS Grail Award Program and its owner, Luuk Francken, have been recognized by Award Sites! with a Distinguished Rating for its 10 plus years listing . . . and being a model of excellence for others to follow while bettering the internet experience
Webs Awards rating 4
Palion Award Index rating 5 badge
Diskus Award Index rating 5. Program closed
Olympic Award Index rating 5. Program is offline
AwardSites Hall of Quality, 7-12-2005.
Awards Treasure Chest - Level 5 Badge
Ethics Pledge Program
Saturn rating 5. Site closed down
Apex Chief Executive Officer  Apex Member NE03

Member AECI. Note: Program has closed down
APIRS member and evaluator (program closed)
I.W.A.R.A. rating Elite 5 Plus. Program closed down.
Top Notch Award Program. This Award Sites! 5.0 rated award program is part of the TopNotch Site! by Award Sites! criteria. Please visit TopNotch Site! to learn more about how your site can qualify for this recognition of excellence achieved . . . And remember that winning the award from this program takes your site one step closer for the TopNotch Site! achievement.
Website Awards Worksheet - Over 600 Award Sites
This award program has been rated by Award Sites! for at least five years . . . providing notable service through Bettering The Net by Striving for Excellence!
Awards Hotlist
APIRS rating 5 (program closed)
+5 honoured
RAU Ethics Professor Badge
RAU Badge
Official Evaluator DWD Award Program. AP has closed down.
Evaluator 2002 Awa (closed down)
Member Awards Awards
HTML writers guild
Int. web masters ass. member. Site closed down.
Treasures of the Web Awards
Ask the Experts - Das Deutsche Awardverzeichnis
PSP users group logo
AwardSites! Key Recource site
Web Design Developers Association

CEM/CEMA Member. Note: CEM/CEMA has closed down.
WebsAwards Supreme level 10
Prince of Awards, top rating
AEC Global Membership
Member COE 2004 Global.
Columbus Award Index
Circus over 40 award giver club!
Firestarter Award Index. Program is closed
MSAP Awards Program Listings.(program closed)
5 cq alcazaren qualified-02-1
AWARD IEP International Ethics Program
Astral Awards Peer Member
Evaluator for SandS Year Award 2003


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