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This award program had only one evaluator for a long time, myself, in fact from 1998 up till June 2002. However, as the popularity of the award increased the workload did as well, making it difficult to remain thorough and ethical. I started missing items and it was imperative to bring in other views and skills, to keep the quality of the evaluation and the award as perfect as possible. So I asked and found to my elation Bitten Jønsson of DWD Awards (AS! 4.5, WTA) and Tobias Strandh of AWA (AljapaCo Webb Award, WTA) willing to join my little team. Both have resigned some time ago due to lack of time, so I am on my own again. But that is possible now, since the AP has now only a stand-alone award. However, if there is anyone out there, who feels he or she would like to be a judge on this Award Program, please let me know by sending me an e-mail with your particulars, your experience, the info on your present AP, etc.


Luuk Francken

Luuk Francken

Why should I have the expertise to judge on your site's qualifications to win my award? The only reason that I can give is that I have been awarding sites for my award for over eleven years now. I am the administrator and owner of the LTS Grail Award program and I used to be an official evaluator for the AWA (AljapaCo Webb Award) Program (World Top Award - retired), I evaluated for DWD Award Program (AS! rating 4.5, World Top Award) (retired), I evaluated for ScoffanScuff year award 2003, for RAU (Royal Awards University - Web Quality Professor), the Mystery Award System and "Absolut Award" of Nikola Kitanovic (AS! rating 4.5). I am Chief Executive Officer of APEX, (The Association of Positive Ethical eXchange) and on an ad hoc basis I evaluate sites for the membership of APEX. I also evaluated for the APIRS (Awards Program International Rating Service) evaluators team. Want to know more about me? See my page "About us".

Evaluator for SandS Year Award 2003 (program closed)
APIRS member and evaluator
Official Evaluator DWD Award Program. AP has closed down.
Official Evaluator AWA Award Program. AP has closed down.
RAU Ethics Professor Badge. Program closed      RAU Web Quality Professor Badge. Program closed

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