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Declaration (Code) of Ethics

I, Luuk Francken, owner of the LTS Grail Award Program held at Luuk's Travel Site, do hereby declare on behalf of myself and any other Evaluators who may be contracted at any time by me and Luuk's Travel Site sponsored Award Program, that we agree to advance and promote the Web site Evaluator Code of Ethics in order to ensure fairness to all Applicants and to maintain the honour and integrity of Applicants, Evaluators and Awards.

  • We agree that all critiques given will be constructive in nature as positive comment is productive. We will refrain from criticism unless specifically requested by an Applicant and in such cases, will remain positive where possible in an effort to promote goodwill and advance the level of quality among Internet sites.

  • We agree to allow eligibility to all Applicants who meet the set Criteria of any particular award. We agree to be uniform in our eligibility requirements (Criteria) and will fairly evaluate all sites/pages meeting our Criteria which are submitted by any Applicant. We further agree to clearly post these Criteria.

  • We agree not to discriminate on grounds of race, gender, nation of origin, religion, profession, age, mental or physical handicap, or any other reason which is not globally viewed as an illegal trait or manner of conduct.

  • We agree to set forth Awards Criteria and to adhere to same. Proposed time frames for changes will be posted for two (2) weeks prior to the final publishing of same with notices posted on site so all potential Applicants can view and understand the proposed changes.

  • We agree to evaluate web sites under the Criteria which was/were in place at the time of any/or all application/s. If changes are made to Criteria AFTER application/s is/are received, the submitted site/s will be evaluated using the Criteria that was in effect when the Applicant/s initially submitted the site/s.

  • We agree to immediately inform any Criteria compliant Applicant in writing of a 'Refrain to Evaluate' if it is found that a Conflict of Interest would occur in evaluating their Web site - e.g. Such may occur upon being requested to evaluate the Web site of a good friend. We will offer such Applicant a choice of Evaluator taken from our circle of friends having their own Award Program.

  • We agree to maintain a professional, friendly and positive manner in any and/or all correspondence and/or communication held with any Applicant/s

  • We agree to evaluate all submitted sites within four (4) weeks of receipt of submission. If this deadline cannot be met, we agree to suspend submissions until we can again work within this time frame. If our provider goes off line outside our control, we will, as soon as he goes back online, catch up as fast as possible. In that case the Applicant will get an email from us, telling the reason for the delay and how many days it will take to evaluate the Web site from that moment on.

  • We agree not to divulge any information about any Applicant to persons, groups or agencies not directly connected to our Awards Programs and only then for the purpose of evaluating submissions and notifying winners. All information received from Applicants via e-mail submissions or submission forms will be deemed private.

  • We agree to encourage and promote the use of original material for Awards Programs Criteria and evaluation processes. We agree to assist any person requesting advice concerning ethical evaluation for and disbursement of awards. PLEASE NOTE: The Awards Evaluation processes in use at Luuk's Travel Site are copyrighted material and written authorization is required for their use.

  • We agree to maintain any owned individual web site(s) that include Awards Program(s) to a standard that meets the Criteria of the Award(s) given. In the case of any Award(s) offered that is/are outside the main subject of our web site(s), any and/or all such web sites will be maintained to a high standard of integrity in all its/their main areas.

  • We agree to maximum dimensions of Awards given in courtesy of web sites that will use them. If the maximum dimensions cannot be adhered to then a text only link will be permitted for graphics larger than maximum size (Maximum size dimensions offered from this web site are no more than 125 pixels height and 102 pixels width).

  • We agree that there will be only one obligation for winning Awards from this web site beyond meeting the Criteria. It is not, and never will be, mandatory at this web site to sign a Guestbook or to join a mailing list. Luuk's Travel Site and it's evaluator(s) will never trade awards: "Mine for Thine".

  • We agree that we will not grant Awards to, or in any other manner endorse or promote, any web site that endorses or promotes or contains content which is considered globally to be illegal or discriminatory whether same be against human or wildlife.

  • We agree that we will not accept favours of any sort in exchange for preferential treatment of submissions. We will at all times maintain a high standard of honesty and integrity

  • We agree that we will take all measures necessary to maintain the honour and integrity of our Awards Programs.

Submitted on this day: April 16, 2001
The Code of Ethics ( COE ) is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike United States License. Image Copyright © CreativeCommons. External new window Resource link.

The Code of Ethics ( COE ) is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike United States License with credit being given to Award Community News in accordance with the terms of the License.


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