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Disqualifying Rules

I know that starting with this chapter is a little negative. But please bear with me. I do it that way on purpose. Letting you read these disqualifying items first will help you decide whether your site will be disqualified or not, before you read all the other criteria. It saves time for you and me. Therefore, please see this chapter as a positive one. At the bottom of each criteria page you will find a button that will take you to the next page. Including this one, there are 4 criteria pages. You must really read them all. For further detailed explanations there is a link to an information pop-up window. Just click on the word "Explanation" at the end of the criterion in question.

  1. Pornography, "adult pages", frontal nudity (except aesthetic art), violence, profane language, satanism, occultism, discrimination, fanatical religious groups and extremism of any kind or anything else that might be offensive to others or links to such sites result in disqualification. (Explanation)

  2. The whole site (all pages) must be Child Friendly rated by either iWatchdog or SafeSurf. If you use badges to that effect, like SafeSurf, or any other rating institution, the labels will be checked for validity. If the badges are not supported by the organization which supplied the badge when tested, the site will be disqualified. ICRA Label is no longer online and is discontinued and therefore the label is no longer recognised by me. If your site is only labelled by ICRA and no other Child Safe labels as mentioned above, your site will be disqualified. U.S.A. based sites must follow C.O.P.P.A. rules for the protection of children below the age of 13 and have a statement mentioning this commitment. If it is not stated on the site, it will be disqualified. Non U.S.A sites may follow the C.O.P.P.A. rules voluntary, but it is not compulsary to state this on the site. However, in Europe there is a European (EU) directive 95/46, which sets the age of children below 18. I therefore set the minimum age for applicants for my award at 18.(Explanation)

  3. If badges are used saying the site is compatible with different codings, like from W3C etc. the pages which are so labelled will be checked for validity. If they fail the test, the site will be disqualified.

  4. No part of the site is "under construction", including statements such as "coming soon", "picture will be added later", etc. If this is the case, the site will be disqualified.(Explanation)

  5. The whole site must be open to the visitor. Parts, that can only be visited with passwords or Id numbers or names will disqualify the site, unless I receive entry into the closed section to evaluate it. (Explanation)

  6. Less than five (5) pages with good content, not including welcoming pages, guest books, links pages, award pages, etc. will result in disqualification. So called "Stand Alone" Award Programs can apply for my award, under the condition that they are obviously designed in an original manner and offer help and advice to others. It should be obvious, that the designer of the Award Program has put much of him- or herself into the progam and did not simply copy another AP. I don't mean actual copying, but the whole setup of the AP. There must be something original, that shows the inventivity and originality of the designer. If this is missing, the AP will be disqualified.(Explanation)

  7. Illegal activities such as the distribution of passwords, warez, serial numbers, cracks, cheats (also for games), "bandwidth stealing" (except in cases such as commercial banners, guest books, counters, etc.) means disqualification.(Explanation)

  8. Internal broken links or missing graphics (unless it belongs to a counter, guest book, etc.) disqualify your site. (Explanation)

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  10. Infringement on the copyright / trademarks of others, plagiarism or unauthorized fan sites disqualify your site. Please note: I do not accept the use of non original material under the cover of "Public Domain" or the so-called "Fair Use Act".(Explanation)

  11. The content or ethics of linked sites is always the responsibility of the site that has them included. Links can always be checked on a regular basis and removed if the content is ( or has become) offensive to others. If there is a statement on site, that the responsibility for items shown by the linked sites is not accepted, the site will be disqualified.

  12. When private information of a visitor (e-mail address, age, name, etc.) is collected, the site must have an easily found "Privacy Statement", in which is explained how the privacy of the visitor is protected and what happens with the gathered info. If info is collected and no such statement is found, the site will be disqualified.

  13. If you use background music or other sounds, you must give visitors an obvious and operative means of turning it off preferably at the top of each page that has sound or music embedded. If this is not provided, it will result in disqualification. Flash intros are not included in this rule. (Explanation)

  14. If a site loads so slow that I have to wait for more then 1 (one) minute (using ADSL broadband) before a page is completely loaded, I will try again another day at another time. If the loading again takes more then 1 minute, the site will be disqualified.

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  16. Flash intros must be just that. The intro must not appear in a separate window. If the intro is targeted to a new window the site will be disqualified. The flash page must be provided with a "Skip intro" facility. If that is not provided, the site will be disqualified.

  17. Error messages as well as sites that cause my computer to crash again and again as well as "Fault on Page" messages will result in disqualification.

  18. Pop-ups requiring input, or windows that have nothing to do with the site evaluated and open up on their own accord, pop-under windows which become visible when leaving your page (this also means commercial pop-up windows and banners from so-called "free providers", like Geocities, Fortunecity, Angelfire, Bravenet, etc.), result in disqualification.(Explanation)

  19. Forced automatic downloads of any kind and if I need to download an obscure program to view the site or page properly or hear the audio, like MP3 files. (standard programs like Flash plug-in, Real Audio, etc. not included), will result in disqualification.

  20. Lateral (horizontal) scroll bars or other shortcomings as a result of incompatibility with the minimum resolution requirements of 800x600 in all browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Sea Monkey and Safari will disqualify the site. (Explanation)

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  22. Your site must not be just a list of links. That will disqualify your site.

  23. Sites that have no other subject than yourself, your family, your pet, etc. (except genealogy- or commercial sites with interesting content for the layman visitor and Stand-Alone Award programs (Please refer to item 6)), result in disqualification..

  24. Text WriTTEn In thIS wAy, cute spelling (using the "U" for "You" etc.) or different colored fonts in one word throughout your site will disqualify it. Text must be properly aligned and filled out. Centered text will result in disqualification (poems excepted).

  25. Visitors must not get caught in your frames. Linked external sites must open in a new window or in a new tab (when using the newest versions of the different browsers). If this is not the case, the site will be disqualified. All pages internally within the site must be targeted to the site itself. If the new internal page opens in a new window, the site will be disqualified. There are some exceptions: if popups are used for small explanations or to show an award or screenshots of award winners etc., this is accepted.(Explanation)

  26. Sites that force my browser to full screen mode leaving me without control over my browser, will result in disqualification. (Explanation)

  27. There should be a separate section on your web site for the awards you have won. This section must be easily found through the menu of your site and from each page. The lack of such a section will disqualify your site. Even when you apply for the first time for an award and you haven't won any yet, please make sure that a special page has been reserved for the awards you may win, so that I can see how they will be presented there. Don't use words like "Under construction" etc. Just show me what it will be like. Awards must only be placed on that separate section and not anywhere else in the site, or disqualification will be the result.

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  29. The pages of the site must not be aligned out to the left or the right of the screen in 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 resolution, but centered properly, unless this is part of the layout. In that case it must be obvious that it was intended. If the alignment is wrong the site will be disqualified.

  30. A disabled right mouse click or disabled Ctrl and Alt keys will disqualify the site. (Explanation)

  31. If there are no navigational facilities on the pages and if I have to use my "Back Button" to navigate onwards, or if the only navigation possible is a single "back" button or "home" link on your pages, the site will be disqualified.

  32. The use of "Gator" or "Comet" cursors will disqualify your site. Also the distracting use of cursor following trailers (stars, spots, text, etc.) will result in disqualification, as will all sorts of floating and twirling items on the background, like stars, snowflakes and the likes.

  33. Your site should be fully MS - Internet Explorer 6+, Opera or FireFox compatible. Your site will be visited using these browsers. If not, the site will be disqualified.

  34. Chat forums of any kind are not accepted for my award.

  35. Not producing the "secret word" in the application form will result in immediate disqualification. In fact, I will delete the application immediately and will not react to let you know that I received the application. Not filling in any of the required fields in the application form (for instance the question whether this was the first application or not or not filling in the age) will result in disqualification, although in the latter case, I will acklowledge the application.

  36. If you re-apply again within the 60 days waiting period after you applied for the first time, this will have no repercussion on the evaluation, but you will be warned by e-mail, that a second application within the 60 days period will result in being barred from my award forever.


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