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Copyright Statement and Disclaimer

Copyright Statement

All content within Luuk's Travel Site is protected by copyright pursuant to U.S. and International conventions, and other copyright laws as a collective work and/or compilation.

No part of this web site or it's associated directories, files, text, pages, coding, layout, or graphics, may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Luuk's Travel Site.

Luuk's Travel Site will honour such copyrights and will not condone copying of any such image under any circumstances.

Everything that is presented in my section Ethics will also be strongly respected on this site.

There are several graphics on this site, such as maps and others, which are not my own. Written permission for the inclusion of these graphics in my site is given by the copyright owners or on their sites and this is mentioned at the bottom of the pages where the graphics are shown, plus, in some cases, a link is made to the owners site. Some forms used are used with permission which is embedded in the HTML code.

If you want to know more about what "Copyright" means, click this logo:

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Creative Commons License

The "LTS Grail Award" program as well as the "Luuk's Travel Site" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Netherlands License as well as licenced under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike United States License

APEX Copyright RDF

All content within this APEX member website is clearly identified as either "theirs", "ours" or "mine". There are permissions on file or citations for everything which would fall under "theirs" and "ours". There is no in-between, with the possible exception of material in the public domain and in that case a citation, rather than an assertion is provided.

I try to follow all the copyright rules and especially those of the Association for Positive Ethical eXchange, APEX.


Even though every effort is made to keep the given information in this site updated, it is possible that some information can change and no longer be accurate. In such cases, Luuk's Travel Site cannot be held responsible for any damages, expenses, including lost profit, lost savings of any kind. arisen from the information given in this site.
The content of the site is offered, without any warranty of any kind, either expressly or implied. Also please understand that I will change the content of this site at regular intervals to update the given information and or services, without given notice. All linked external sites are checked for their content at regular intervals, to make sure they contain no adverse items, such as pornography, vulgarity, satanism, extremism, etc. However, a linked site may suddenly change its content. In such cases, before that fact is discovered, some days may have passed. In those cases, I am not responsible for any damages, etc., derived from visiting those sites.
Sites or the content of these sites that have been awarded with the LTS Grail Award are not being endorsed, or affiliated or approved by Luuk's Travel Site because of the awarding. In all cases, Luuk's Travel Site, nor the webmaster, shall be held liable to any party for damages of any kind resulting from the use of this site nor any linked site.

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