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LTS Grail Award

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The Award

AwardSites rating 5.0+ Elite            LTS Grail Award, Sample            World Top Award. Program is closed

Size: 100 x 135 pixels. Weight: average 6.5 Kb. The name of the awarded site (or the name of the webmaster) will be inscribed on the spot where it now says "Sample". Please note that this award is © copyrighted by L. A. Francken (1998 - 2009)


The story behind the award

The award was designed originally in 1998. It was a steel egg in a golden grail, which was intended to mean that the site awarded was like an egg, full of wonders and potential for the future, while the grail is a mystical object, reflecting the wonders of the site . It was later re-designed in 2001 and again in 2002. In 2005 the size was slightly altered and again in 2006, but the original idea behind the award was retained in all cases. Therefore it still shows the egg in the golden grail.


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AwardSites rating 5.0
AWARD rating 6.0
World Top Award. Site is offline.
Saturn rating 5. Program closed down
APIRS rating 5. Program is offline.
5 Plus Honoured
Webs Awards rating 4
I.W.A.R.A. rating Elite 5 Plus. Program is offline.
Fire Starter Award Index. Program is offline
Palion Award Index rating 5 badge
Diskus Award Index rating 5. Program is closed
Olympic Award Index rating 5. Program closed down.
Awards Treasure Chest - Level 5 Badge


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Copyright © 1998-2012 Luuk Francken
Thanks to Bitten J√łnsson for the redesign of my award

Created: April 1, 1998. Updated: mei 7 2012