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AS! Rated Awards Received

Alphabetical List A - B

The following awards were won and are, where possible, linked back to the giver's site. However, as the links are checked regularly, it happens that I find that the site no longer exists. In such cases, the name of the site no longer has a link to it. The award however was won and stays valid.

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Date if known URL site (if exists) Name of Award
(view award page)
AS! Rating
11-4-02 1Simple Guide Educational Award AS! 4.0
8-7-01 321Webmaster Webmaster Excellence AS! 3.5
15-8-01 A1 Pyro's World Award of Excellence AS! 2.0
20-3-02 ABBA Awards The ABBA Seal of Music AS! 4.5
15-12-01 Absolute Robeo Gern Blanston Award AS! 3.0
17-12-01 ACADEMUS Awards Platinum Mitch AS! 3.5
18-1-06 Academy of Fine Awds. Best Award Graphic Dec. '05 AS! 4.0
17-12-01 Adagio Awards Gold Aw.for Webs. Design AS! 4.5
12-11-05 Alberto Paronetto on the Web Sinapsis Award for an Intellectual Attitude AS! 5.0 (WTA)
17-12-01 Alcazarén Award Alcazarén Gold Award AS! 5.0
8-7-01 American Eskimo Dog Seal of Approval AS! 2.5
20-5-01 Angelsnote Angelsnote Award Merit AS! 3.0
15-12-05 Animation Playhouse Playhouse Gold Merit AS! 3.5
7-3-02 APC Web Awards Web Design Excell. AS! 3.0
27-1-02 A Perfect World A Perfect World Award AS! 3.0
11-4-02 Fred Award of Excell. AS! 3.5
11-4-02 An Arete Wave of a Site AS! 4.5 (WTA)
19-5-01 Arlana's Corner Cool Site' Award AS! 2.5
24-2-02 Assess Risk Assess Risk Bronze AS! 4.0
24-10-05 Astral Awards Astral Peer Award AS! 5.0
20-11-01 A Scoff an' Scuff S&S Silver Award AS! 4.0
25-01-06 A Scoff an' Scuff Inukshuk Merit Award AS! 4.5
25-9-99 Critical Mass Award AS! 4.0
11-6-01 A.V.Y.C. This site floats award AS! 3.0
3-3-01 AWA. Aljapaco Webb Award AS! 4.5 (WTA)
21-12-01 Awards Realm Awards Realm Gold AS! 3.0
23-12-01 Beacon Award Gold Award AS! 4.0
19-9-01 Believe to Achieve Webmaster Gold Award AS! 4.5
13-5-01 Betty's Place Logic's Merit Award AS! 3.5
5-5-01 Big Eye Siteport Big Oscar 4-star Gold AS! 3.0
21-1-02 Black Russian Terrier Bl. Russ. Terrier Silver AS! 3.5
12-4-01 Bob's Mighty Midi Steel Web Site award AS! 4.0
26-4--01 Body by Bull BodyByBull Bronze AS! 3.0
5-5-01 Brandi's Place Global Web Award AS! 3.0
6-5-01 British History British History Bronze AS! 3.0
27-4-01 Bruce's Hideout Silver Award AS! 3.0
6-01-06 Bully Graphics Gold Award AS! 3.5

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